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secrethitler game

Secret Hitler – More revealed!

Who is the real Secret Hitler?

The newest arrival to the scene is the Secret Hitler Game. Secret Hitler is really both a card and board game. The game play is best with ten players and can be played with as few as five players. The game takes it to the next level of social interaction games and gaming methodologies.

Secret Hitler Board Game

The Secret Hitler Game play and concepts are set in the 1932 era Germany and the rise to power. The game play is a historical reminder of how facisits governments swept across Europe in the 1930’s through the 1940’s. It is not insulting as some have suggested, but a fact of our world history during that period.

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The art work on the Secret Hitler Game is phenomenal. The buffoonery of the characters and old school look of the board game really sets the stage for the players. So… the play begins with the fascist players and the liberals.

Frankly the game reminds me a lot of the popular TV series “Survivor” where there are teams within the game play and alliances. Its social interaction and deception are similar to the Secret Hitler Game Play.

ja & nein vote Cards

The Secret Hitler board game starts with a group of people that secretly choose their roles in the game. There are 6 liberal players, 3 fascist players, and of course the person who is the “Secret Hitler”.

Who is the "Secret Hitler"?
Who is the…”Secret Hitler”

The Secret Hitler Game is one of the best Social Deduction type card games on the market this year. The game brilliantly creates interactions within pairs of players. Policy cards are used as a method of keeping information hidden. This allows the fascist team to hide their actions an induces more deduction into the social game play. As an example, when a fascist policy is enacted, members of the government can claim plausibly the deck (or play of the cards) caused a fascist policy to enact. The reality is the players, using cunning strategy and deception actually enact a policy blaming the card deck.

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As Secret Hitler is played out, the interactions cause gamers to learn specifics about other players which serves as a small piece of the overall game. The result is that players quickly learn multiple parts of information and turns into many different expectations. The Game is hilarious to watch in action.

Secret Hitler Card Player

This is the current view from the top of the box

The Art work is phenomenal!

The current box bottom release
This is the current view from the bottom of the box

There have been production slow-downs for SH. It has been in production for the last 2 weeks. We will let you know when it will be on the market. If you have any questions about the Secret Hitler Game feel free to contact us any time.

I can not wait for the official release of the Secret Hitler Game!

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